Sad Hearts…Thoughtful Minds

So often, when the world is thrown into turmoil, we first grieve.  Our hearts are sad as we think about the tragic losses. We stand with those who have lost so much, and we try to to tell them that we are here for them.

And yet, Paris was not a lonely and isolated attack.  There have been other killings in our world, happening within days of the Paris attacks.  The following post examines the grief and disproportionate outpouring of support for one country, while ignoring other countries that experienced similar tragedy hours, days, and even months before.  It is devastating to see the lack of representation in the media.

“Where Does it Hurt, O City of Light”

There is also a second thing that happens after such tragedy.  Some people get very angry.  That anger can lead to a backlash of hatred.   Our communities have experienced tremendous amounts of Islamophobia and xenophobia (See definition here).  This next post talks about a group of Muslim scholars who wrote an open letter to the “Islamic State”, calling their actions un-Islamic.  It is important for us to remember that this one group of militant terrorists does not represent the whole of Muslim culture and religion.

“Muslim Scholars Release Open Letter to Islamic State Meticulously Blasting its Ideology”


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