Do (not) (re)act with (out)rage

A Poem by Bianca Williams

N what time did it become “okay for you and

I to speak the same racial slurs… racial slurs that the racially oppressed have transformed

into a sense of comfortability. A

G– gift to each other. A feeling of

G– greatness for our people. A word so sensitive to the

E– ears of those who have not endured the quiet tears, silent cries, or countless years, or

the amount of times it takes to even be heard in this society. So again I ask when the hell did it become “okay” for you to

R– replicate, recreate, and imitate my culture.

N-I-G-G-E-R U serious?

A contemptuous term for a black or dark skin person

Knowing the history of the word why would you worsen

the struggles in my life because I am not like your skin?

N-I-G-G-E-R U aware of what’s going on in your community?

White man waving the confederate flag , yet we claim to be about unity.

“We will stop behaviors that violate the law while protecting speech that we find offensive…”

Feeling threatened, defenseless.

While officials tell me to use defense less

that way I can come to my expected senses

But, by doing that // I put on an act // that I do not care about the facts

thus, making me senseless.

N-I-G-G-E-R’nt you afraid to be

the word rooted from the hardest times of slavery

White folks saying “This is what you were made to be.”

Two feet, one fist of bravery

You don’t get to call me that, so get the N-I-G-G-Away from me.

“Call me another nigger, G. Call me another nigger and I will flip your shit! Imma fuck ‘em up!”

How the black community reacts with outrage becomes

how we (re)act with (out)rage

If you don’t understand me, if we’re not on the same page

Then for once get out of the audience, and step into the spotlight on this social stage.

But hey, speech isn’t always comfortable.

The structure of that sentence is for the gullible

The insult behind the words, almost touchable

The law is the law, yes, and some of them are wonderful but…

Words can be more violent than violence itself.

Violence = physical bruising that can heal with time

Words = mental bruising, remaining in the back of the mind

So when a white man can wave an oppressing flag to “my kind”

permitted to his own space, with a smile on his face

Comfort is what we cannot find.

What type of bullshit is that?

Tryna throw “therapy” in my lap

because “St. Cloud State is committed to fulfilling our mission… encouraging the free exchange of ideas and exploration of opinions.”

But at the end of our protest, just like this poem, all we’re left with is the sound of a clap.

“All we’re left with is the sound of a clap!”  Tweet this Quote!

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