How To Get Over a Straight Girl

An ironic poem by Mariam Bagadion


Stifle your smile when she walks in the room

Bite the lip of your sweater, don’t make eye contact

Her eyes are pools, and you don’t know how to swim.


If you do start to drown, be cautious

Her voice is a naked electrical cord disguised as your lifeline

A jolt to your system, potentially fatal

And when she sings it’s your siren song

Coursing through your veins like a drug

Dragging you deeper, in a dazed ecstasy


Avert your eyes when she lets down her hair

It’s a waterfall

And her lips the hidden enclave you can never reach


She is already your sun

The center of your universe

Don’t fly too close, or you’ll lose your wings


But the heat is alluring

The songs are addicting

The shock is exhilarating

The water is enticing


So how do you get over a straight girl?

Let me know when you figure it out.

“Don’t fly too close, or you’ll lose your wings.”  Tweet This Quote

Mariam is a first year student at St. Cloud State.  She is studying English with a concentration in creative write.  She is also minoring in Film Studies, with the goal of being a screenwriter after graduation.  In the meantime, she writes short pieces of fiction and enjoys reading books. 

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