Caucus? Caucus. Caucus!

March 1st is the Minnesota Caucus.

Still wondering what a caucus is? You’re not alone!  Follow the links below for information about what caucuses are, what they mean, why they are important, and how you can participate! (A very short and simple answer to all of those queries: you’ll be participating in selecting who political parties will endorse as their presidential nominee; this is an important step in the presidential election process, and youth votes are SO IMPORTANT SHOUTY CAPS ARE NEEDED TO DESCRIBE HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE! If you are eligible to vote in November (i.e. will be over 18 or over by election day in November), you can participate in any party’s caucus. Follow the link below to find your caucus center based on your living address.)

Minnesota Caucus FAQ: How to Caucus
Find your Caucus Center
How to Evaluate a Candidate
Why each of us NEEDS to vote!

Elected candidates play key roles in the decision making that affects us all.  It’s so important that we educate ourselves on candidates, get out there, and VOTE!

What do you think about the caucus process?                                                                                   Have you been to a caucus before?                                                                                                     What do you think about some of this years candidates?


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