For My People

By Cassie Brown

For my people who are insecure
For my people who suffer from depression
Who also suffer from anxiety
For my people who don’t have many friends
Who feel alone during hard times
For my people who enjoy being alone
But don’t like feeling lonely
For my people who go throughout the day with a fake smile on their face
Who don’t like sharing their problems in fear of being judged
For my people who have scars to remind them how bad things are
For my people who constantly ask if it’s worth it anymore
And they feel the only escape from their pain is suicide

For my people who are too scared to speak out
For my people who sit in the rooms and hear knock knock knock but don’t open the door
That end up crying themselves to sleep
For my people who use music to feel safe
For my people who cling on famous people to feel they belong
For my people who are constantly judged on their appearances
For my people who get bullied for years
For my people who aren’t the same color as everyone else
For my people who come from interracial parents
For my people who are portrayed as scary, and mean
For my people who wake up in the morning and all they hear is
BANG BANG BANG from the gun shots
For my people who are still fighting for an equal chance at life
For my people who live in such a messed up society
Where women are portrayed as weak and sexual objects
Where being a size 0 is perfect and beautiful
For my people who strive to be as skinny as people in the media
Who aren’t proud of the way they look
But for all my people who feel the same way
Don’t worry you are not alone
And you are beautiful just the way you are
Let’s be the generation that changes the way society views us

Cassie is a first year undergraduate at St Cloud State University.  She is half white, and half black.  She loves writing, poetry, listening to music, and being a feminist!

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