The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

This week Carly, a graduate assistant for the Women’s Center, posted this amazing blog on her personal WordPress.  She’s given us permission to share it with our own blog community.  We hope you enjoy!

Here’s an excerpt from the post…

Aww periods. The beautiful monthly moment that is a mix of emotions. First there’s excitement knowing you successfully avoided pregnancy another month in a row, but for me the excitement quickly fades as I begin to worry that the pain I am experiencing can only be explained by the fact that my uterus is slowly falling out of my body.

If you believe tampon commercials, your period has no effect on you and will actually just make you do cartwheels through a field in white jeans. The only thing that could make me want to do cartwheels while I’m on my period is if it’s towards vegan ice cream. And let’s be honest, even then I can usually only muster up a half walk/half zombie crawl to the freezer. The most honest collection of period talk I have ever seen is in this collection of tweets from hilarious women across the globe and be summed up in this New Girl gif (weirdly most things in my life can be expressed with a New Girl gif but I digress).

And here’s the link!

Carly Puch is a graduate student in the Social Responsibility program at Saint Cloud State University. She works as an advocate in the Gender Violence Prevention Program at the on campus Women’s Center. Carly loves to talk about masculinity, gender, violence against women (the connection between all of those) and pop culture. She also likes to talk about the connection between women, health and feminism (really all things feminism are on the table for discussion on Carly’s blog). When Carly is not working she can often be found trying new vegan recipes, dancing to Beyonce or reading young adult dystopian novels. 

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