Feminism: The 2016 Edition

Reasons we still need feminism,

And More Importantly…Intersectional Feminism,

The 2016 edition

  • Because I had colleagues who said we should be happy Brock Turner got any time at all for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster…


  • Because of 49 victims in Orlando, who were murdered for being part of the LGBT community…
  • Because…Brexit…
  • Because, in 2016, Hollywood still puts white people in movies instead of people of color…just because “it sells”…
  • Because “Make America White Again” is an ACTUAL campaign slogan…on an ACTUAL billboard.


  • Because #OscarsSoWhite was a hashtag…two years in a row…


  • Because the Supreme Court still has to stop lawmakers from banning abortions… 


  • Because…Bathroom bills…
  • Because Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for the Presidency.


  • Because the media only uses the word “terrorist” when describing people of color…



melissa-anne-frankMelissa Anne Frank is majoring in both Women’s Studies and English Rhetoric at St Cloud State University.  She plans on continuing her education with a Master’s degree and then a Doctorate.  Melissa is a white, cisgender, pansexual who is proud to be part of the Social Media team at the St. Cloud State Women’s Center.  Melissa also writes a personal blog called Musing with Melly on WordPress. Melissa loves reading, writing, video games, spending time with her partner and two children, and crushing the patriarchy! 

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