Marginalization Through Poverty

The online magazine, Everyday Feminism, published a post last May titled, “The Terrible Invisibility of Being Bisexual and in Poverty.”

They highlight the lack of acknowledgement of poverty and its significant role in all of the issues we discuss in human rights conversations today; they also illustrate the high likelihood of bisexual people being in poverty.

Here’s an excerpt…

Poverty is a violation of human rights. All people should have access to a roof over their heads, education and healthcare. Issues of class are also predictably ignored when it comes to bisexuality. Unless it’s a fluff piece then you can forget analysis of what bisexual people are experiencing.

Yet as far as analysis on sexuality goes, bisexual people are more likely to be in poverty (this is especially true if also trans, disabled, neurodivergent and/or a woman of color). This is a huge factor in why bisexual people are often marginalized and isolated.

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