Calling All Writers!

Hey friends!  We are currently sending out a call for regular contributors for Collective Feminism for this semester, Spring 2017. If you haven’t already heard about our stipend, this post is dedicated to give you everything you need to know about it.

If you do have additional questions or concerns, shoot us an email at (you might even consider it practice for submitting future posts).


If you’ve submitted posts to us already, you probably already know that we accept intersectional submissions of all shapes and sizes. From commentaries on political goings-on (which we have no shortage of), feminist reviews of movies and video games, to poems, stories, and even visual art. There’s a lot to talk about–and this is your space!

We understand that writing blog posts during the semester can be tough, especially considering homework, student organizations, and work. We’d like to offer this opportunity to help you out: if you submit three (publishable!) blog posts, you’ll be paid $60, and your work will be published on this blog.

So what’s the catch? First, all three have to be submitted and deemed publishable before you receive the stipend. We also have a contract for you to sign that details dates throughout the semester we’d like your post submitted by. (We give you ample time, and we’re willing to work with your schedule, so don’t stress out about it!)

Let us know you’re interested by shooting us an email at

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