Try Harder

My name sounds a little heavy on your tongue

Like molasses dripping down the sticky jar.  You

Try. I give you the pronunciation and you hesitate but

You try.  


I learned to smile and tell you, “nah, it’s okay!” just say

It like this.  The pronunciation is abrasive with the thick

American accent.  My name loses its culture and its zest.

You try.


Try harder.

My name was a gift that is irreplaceable given by my mother.

It’s cultural and religious significance defined my character

And created the future that my name carries.  I will no longer

Go by a name that is meaningless.


Try harder.


You do have the accent and you have said names harder.  I’ve heard you.

Try harder. Say it with meaning and say it with the flavour that my

Name carries.  Try harder. I’ve practiced your name on my tongue

Until it flowed like liquid silver.  I tried.

Try harder.


Kholood Abuhadid is a fourth year Biomedical and a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies.  She is Palestinian-American and is passionate about Palestinian rights as well as encompassing feminist intersectional ideology.  Kholood is an avid reader and loves to dabble in creative writing.  She hopes one day to establish herself in the world of medical research as well as have an active voice in the Public Health world.  She also thinks she’s good at knitting but in reality is actually quite horrible! Managing editor.

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