The St Cloud State Women’s Center and Women’s Studies program are interested in creating safe and encouraging spaces for members of St Cloud State and the surrounding community to expand upon feminist dialogue in and out of the classroom.

This blog launched in fall 2015 with the vision of building community and providing opportunities for student leadership and development through conversations about feminism, social justice, sexuality, racial identity, national identity, and gender.


Welcome from the Directors

This blog has been a long time in the making and I am super excited we are launching it!  We envision it to be a place to build and sustain feminist community at SCSU and in the surrounding St. Cloud community. I hope you consider contributing YOUR voice to our dialogue.

Dialogue includes both talking and listening, so I hope that we will really hear one another; we do not have to agree, but we do have to communicate respectfully and ethically. This space offers a chance for us to be public intellectuals—to communicate feminist analysis and commitments as a way of working toward social change. I look forward to seeing how this conversation develops!

Beth Berila, Ph.D.
Director, Women’s Studies Program

Believing in the importance and value of highlighting feminist voices in the campus community served as the catalyst for this intentional partnership between the Women’s Center and Women’s Studies. Students raised the idea of a blog more than three years ago, and it has come to fruition as a result of student energy, expertise and strict timetables!

In addition to engaging students about feminist and social justice issues, the act of creating and running a blog offers numerous opportunities for students to lead, practice, develop skills and grow knowledge. It’s a gift folks. And I am enthused and hopeful about its potential to get us talking more about the ways that gender shapes our lives, and our power to reshape the world. I look forward to the messy, difficult and satisfying nature of feminist dialogue!

Jane Olsen
Director, Women’s Center


Getting Involved

There are many opportunities to be involved in this blog as a regular contributor or guest blogger.  Please visit this link for inquiries regarding single submissions or this link for more details about becoming a regular contributor or blog editor.

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